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Wilde Wealth Management Group

Wilde Wealth Management Group

Our practice is dedicated to providing the best service possible to each of our clients now and long in to the future. We take the same approach in planning our practice’s future as we do with our clients’ financial future; detailed, methodical, and testing the plan against the “unknown” to offer greater long-term security.

JRS Financial is aligned with Wilde Wealth Management Group. This alignment offers our practice something extremely important to our current and future clients – succession. In our partnership now, we can offer a seamless transition many years down the road, if ever needed. 

The Wilde Wealth Management Group currently consists of 36 highly dedicated people and growing. They have been ranked nationally on the Barron’s Top 1200 Advisors List* for the last 12 years and ranked #1 in Arizona in 2020. Wilde Wealth has been recognized by the Phoenix Business Journal, The Arizona Republic, and their charitable arm – Wilde for Arizona™ Community Outreach Program - was featured by AZ Business Angels. The decision to affiliate with Wilde Wealth came down to the quality of the people and the depth of their organization.

*Barron’s: Top 1200 Financial Advisors: Over 4,000 advisors who wish to be ranked fill out a 102-question survey about their practice, data is verified and then applied to a ranking formula. The ranking reflects the volume of assets overseen by the advisors and their teams, revenues generated for the firms, and the quality of the advisors' practices. The scoring system assigns a top score of 100 and rates the rest by comparing them with the top-ranked advisor. Listing in this publication and/or award is not a guarantee of future investment success. This recognition should not be construed as an endorsement of the advisor by any client.